Back to our roots…

This weekend we had another opportunity to do more of what we did when we first started…scouring our favourite haunts for truly one-off pieces!

This is not only exciting (though a lot of work!) for us (all the family!) but we hope it will also keep the shop fresh and exciting for our ‘regulars’!

Indeed, our first sale this morning was one of the beautiful vintage pieces we found over the weekend; before I’d even had time to price it!

We never know what we’ll find but we always seem to manage to curate a great collection that reinvigorates the shop and keep selling it exciting for everyone.

This weekend was no exception and we found some really unusual mirrors and other decorative items. Sure, most need a little TLC and a clean but it’s worth it to have fresh, exciting and great looking items in-store and, hopefully, soon in our customer’s homes (and gardens!)



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