Those of you unfamiliar with Shrewsbury may find the name ‘Wyle Cop’ an odd name for a road to start with… All I can tell you is that it is something ‘medieval’ and meant to describe the ‘sloping’ nature of the street we are located on (i.e. it goes up to the top of a hill!) You may also not be aware that Charles Darwin, probably the most influential person on modern science, was also born and schooled right here in Shrewsbury! This month sees a number of events for the ‘Darwin Festival’ in celebration of this.

Locals will also be all-too-aware of the current lane closure on the Cop, whilst works to the pavements take place lower down the hill at English Bridge. This could have been something somewhat discouraging for visitors and so the traders on the Cop have got together with our ‘BID’ (Business Improvement District) to turn this around and make use of the traffic-free lane whilst also doing something for the Darwin Festival!

From this Friday 9th February, there will be a children’s activity trail and competition, associated with the LIFESIZE fibreglass animals that have appeared TODAY, as part of ‘WILD Cop’ which runs until 23rd February. Activity sheets will be available to collect from us and competition entries can also be left with us. Enjoy!

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