The ‘Artisan’s Retreat’…

Those of you familiar with Shrewsbury will surely now be aware of our recent move? (Don’t worry, it wasn’t far, just two doors up!) As you can imagine we have been very busy fitting out our NEW premises and, now that we’re just about ‘there’ with them, we can finally reveal the other aspect to our ‘move’…our ‘Artisan’s’ ‘retreat’!

Now there’s no getting away from the fact that our new shop premises is a lot smaller than our previous one; we love it, it’s easier to do justice to our lovely products, cosier and, given the current economy (especially on the ‘high street’) obviously a lower ‘risk’ to our business. However, a key aspect of our status as an ‘Annie Sloan’ stockist has been the ‘workshops’ we run alongside selling and using her wonderful range of decorative products. We’ve packed a LOT in to our new space (in fact MORE than we ever had in the bigger shop) but there’s no getting away from the fact that it would be impossible to run anything but a ‘one-to-one’ workshop here!

SO, since well before we undertook the shop move we’ve been working on this (nearly completed) space in the garden of our lovely home in Belle Vue, Shrewsbury…

Our lovely log cabin (which replaced our ugly old 1960’s concrete sectional garage!) will soon be hosting more frequent and diverse ‘workshops’!

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on making sure it is a ‘tranquil’ place and so a true ‘retreat’ for people with ever-busier day-to-day lives to just come and paint, make lampshades or any number of other ‘artisan’ activities we may be able to help with! Hence, the ‘Artisan’s Retreat’ moniker!

We’ve invested every last penny of whatever personal income we have left in getting it to this stage and are busy finishing it off ourselves with any spare moment we get right now… (my ‘part-qualified electrician’ skills are coming in handy yet again!)

Eventually we will have full flushing toilet and washing facilities (and even temporary sleeping accommodation!) in here but as soon as the electrical works are complete and safety-tested we will be booking in the first of our ‘Annie Sloan’ workshops (for which we already have a waiting list!); hopefully to commence in early February!

Watch this space…

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